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Important Reminder Air Traffic Controller Licencing Responsibilities

As all members are aware, without the proper proficiency or medical requirements, an Air Traffic Controller cannot exercise the privileges of their licence. The information provided below is an important reminder about YOUR responsibility on meeting those requirements.

  • Never carry out control duties if the conditions of your license have not been met, or if there is any doubt of meeting those conditions
  • You must ensure that your medical certificate is valid
    • Always check your Aviation Document Booklet (ADB) before leaving a medical office to ensure it has been updated correctly
  • Be aware of the expiry dates of your license and medical certificate

It is also important to know that Transport Canada will take enforcement action for failure to maintain your license or the conditions within it. This may include monetary penalties as we have seen recent fines to members for Licence Validation Certificate (LVC) infractions.

Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to your ATC license, please speak to your RVP.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


Peter Duffey                                                                Doug Best
President                                                                     Executive Vice President


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