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The 85th Anniversary of Canada’s First Air Traffic Control Tower: CYHU

We are thrilled to announce and celebrate a remarkable milestone in Canadian aviation history: the 85th anniversary of Canada’s first air traffic control tower, St. Hubert Tower (CYHU)!

85 years ago, on April 13, 1939, history was made when Curtis Bogart arrived for duty at St. Hubert Tower. Equipped with nothing more than a lamp, and a flare gun, Curtis was Canada’s first air traffic controller working at Canada’s first control tower. It was a bold step forward, marking a new era of safety, efficiency, and innovation in our skies.

Since its inception, the air traffic control tower has stood as a beacon of reliability, guiding countless flights safely to their destinations, including countless training flights, and ensuring seamless operations within our airspace. Behind its windows, you work tirelessly, orchestrating the intricate dance of aircraft with precision and expertise.  The current control tower is the third control tower to be built at St. Hubert Airport.

As we reflect on the journey that brought us here, let us honor the countless contributions of air traffic controllers past and present at CYHU. You have an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence while facing long shifts, ongoing staff shortages, and working under immense pressure. A lot has changed since 1939, however, some recurring hardships have been felt over the decades and continue to persist. Take a step back in time and read this article snapshot from “The Record- 1989” when it was the 50th anniversary of the YHU control tower.

Today, we not only celebrate a historic landmark but also reaffirm our commitment to advancing aviation technology, enhancing safety measures, and nurturing the next generation of air traffic controllers.

We have all of you to thank, as we soar to new heights and continue to shape the future of Canadian aviation.

Happy Anniversary to Canada’s First Air Traffic Control Tower – CYHU!

Fly high,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                                   Scott Loder

President                                                                                     Executive Vice President

*Please see below for a glimpse back in time*

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