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CATCA is committed to promoting and establishing fair and progressive working environments. We focus on understanding members, fighting for them at the bargaining table, while addressing the issues that face them every day.

The important role of air traffic controllers.

Air Traffic Controllers (controllers) work in a fast-paced, exciting environment. Each day they are faced with new challenges while following strict safety and procedural protocols. The high level of training that controllers receive prepares them for the ever-changing situations they face. Canadian controllers provide one of the safest airspaces in the world.

Controllers work in two different capacities in Canada – either an Area Control Centre (ACC or Centre) or in a Tower (Control Tower). Similar to pilots, controllers are rated and licensed according to the specialized training they receive.

Tower controllers work in the Towers you see when you are at the airport. These controllers give pilots taxi, takeoff, and landing clearance. They work with aircraft within a certain jurisdiction around the airport. Beyond the Tower jurisdiction, the aircraft are “handed-off” to Centre Controllers.

Centre controllers work in Area Control Centres, of which there are 7 in Canada. These controllers work in radar rooms which can be located close to airports or in completely separate sites far from airports. They work with aircraft when they leave the Tower jurisdiction until they enter their destination airport Tower jurisdiction.

All controllers work seamlessly together to provide service to commercial and private aircraft. Their professionalism and dedication mean that you will arrive safely every time you fly.