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NAV Canada Lowers Rates

The announcement that NAV Canada is lowering its rates has spurred conversation all across the country. The most popular question we are getting these days is “What are you going to do about it?”.

Whenever NAV Canada talks about rate reductions, they talk about returning money to the stakeholders. NAV Canada has four stakeholders and you are one of them:

1. The Airlines

2. General Aviation

3. The Federal Government

4. The Bargaining Agents representing you, the employees.

The Company’s new CEO, Neil Wilson, has approached all bargaining agents and asked them to meet with him to discuss what the “right reward” will be for our members. NAV Canada has acknowledged the employees deserve a share of the company’s success.

The “right reward” could take many shapes and forms. We know that our current contract extension takes us up to March 31, 2017. Should we open that contract? Should we start bargaining early on the next contract? Should we look for a different way to attain our share of the pie? The CATCA Executive Board will be meeting in the near future to discuss this in detail and formulate the ideal plan in the best interest of the membership.

So the question “What are you going to do about it?” is answered with “Ensure that CATCA members get their fair share of the Company’s success.” This is a good news announcement; it means there is money for us at the bargaining table.

For more information on the rate reduction, Convention and other issues, read Peter Duffey’s latest blog.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Peter Duffey                                      Doug Best
President                                           Executive Vice President

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