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January 15, 2019

As you have no doubt heard, on Thursday, January 10 some Arctic High controllers at YEG ACC were discussing the current situation of NATCA members and decided to send pizzas to their colleagues in the Anchorage, Alaska facility as a token gesture of solidarity. Controller Michael Cormier explains how the idea came about here. As word spread, our members in control towers and ACCs started sending pizzas to various NATCA ATC facilities.

At the time of this B&F, our members have sent over 375 pizzas to 75 NATCA ATC facilities, and these numbers continue to grow.

What is most amazing about this story, is that it is a member-driven grassroots initiative – a ‘pass the hat’ fundraiser to show that Canadian controllers stand alongside their US colleagues in a sign of solidarity as they work without pay during the US shutdown.

The messages of appreciation from our US brothers and sisters has been heartwarming. They understand that their slice of pizza represents support, camaraderie, and care.

Needless to say, these kind gestures have garnered much media attention, from local papers to CNN and BBC. While National Office prepares a full media summary, these links will give you an idea of the coverage CATCA and our members have received.

The Executive Board thanks each and every one of you for stepping up and showing the world how far kindness can go.

In solidarity,


Peter Duffey                                        Doug Best
President                                             Executive Vice President


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