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Urgent Union Update #5

April 1, 2020

Transport Canada Licensing Exemptions

Over the past week several exemptions to licensing have been granted to NAV Canada from Transport Canada. Please review the attached NAV Canada National Operations Directives.

The first exemption is for medical renewals (Please refer to NOD: 2020-007). If your medical certificate expires at any point between March 25, 2020 and June 1, 2020 there will be no requirement to get your medical renewed until August 1, 2020 at the latest. If your medical will expire after June 1, 2020, the process remains the same as it was before the exemption and you must plan your usual renewal.

Secondly is an extension to operational proficiency after a period of absence. Effective March 26, 2020 until June 1, 2020 anyone returning to work following an absence of 28 to 55 days may waive (employee’s choice) the requirement for a full day of familiarization with conditions (Please refer to NOD: 2020-009 for all conditions). This will help reduce physical proximity between employees.

The third directive deals with your operational proficiency verification validity. This exemption provides for the ability to delay, for up to 90 days, a proficiency evaluation for current holders of a valid licence, certificate, or qualification, whose proficiency verification expires between March 30, 2020 and March 11, 2021 (Please refer to NOD: 2020-011).

Lastly is an Aviation Document Booklet (ADB) exemption. If your ADB expires at any point between April 1, 2020 and August 1, 2020, submit your application for renewal following the normal timelines. If the new ADB is not received before your current ADB expires, you may continue to exercise the privileges of your licence with an expired ADB until August 1, 2020 (Please refer to NOD: 2020-012).

If any member has questions regarding the aforementioned directives please contact your local branch executive or your CATCA RVP for further information.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Peter Duffey                                                                     Doug Best
President                                                                          Executive Vice President

Click here for the PDF.