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Update on Flexible Work Arrangements Program

August 16, 2021

Update on Flexible Work Arrangements Program

As stated previously in a B&F dated July 14, 2021, the Union and the Company were to complete consultations regarding a Flexible Work Arrangement Program.

Discussions are ongoing between NAV Canada and CATCA on the proposed Flexible Work Arrangements Program to resolve some questions. Progress has been made in several areas, and we are confident that we will find appropriate answers to the remaining questions.

The Company is continuing to solicit feedback from our members on whether they will participate in telework in some form or not. Expressions of interest or disinterest in telework are to be made in Workday. In addition, CATCA and NAV Canada will continue clarifying issues around eligible positions, selection, and working conditions. Any formal approvals for flexible work arrangements will not come before September 2021.

In the meantime, requests made by members for flexible work arrangements are being treated only as an indication of an interest in being considered. No requests or offers at this point are binding on either the Member or the Company. Once flexible work arrangements are formalized and approved, employees will be given a set of terms in writing and requiring their signature. The offer will only be binding on both parties when the terms sheet is offered and signed back.

Any member interested in exploring flexible work arrangements should request through Workday before August 31, 2021, on the understanding that this is only an expression of interest, and neither the Company nor the Member are bound by the request at this time.

In Solidarity,

Doug Best                                                                    Scott Loder
President                                                                     Executive Vice President

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