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Town Hall Agenda

November 4, 2020

Town Hall Agenda

November 5 – 10, 2020

Note: Town Halls have been scheduled for two hours. The meetings will conclude once all material has been presented, which may run shorter than planned.

1.      Employment Security

a.       Financial State of NAV Canada

Expenditures vs revenues:

 i.      How much is NAV losing per day with and without CEWS program?

 ii.      What level of traffic is required for NAV to be at breakeven?

iii.      Salary Freezes?

b.      How does Article 33 work?

2.       Government Lobbying for financial assistance

What are the efforts being made by NAV Canada/CATCA/Unifor?

3.       Trainee Status

a.       Recall List for terminated members

b.      School status

4.       Staffing

a.       Operational Staffing Strategy

b.      Deployments

c.       Potential Reductions

5.       Management Restructuring

a.       Concern over number of Senior Management departures

b.      New hierarchy or structure of local management (GMFIR and below)

c.       Actual number of managers that were involuntarily laid off

6.       New Collective Agreement

7.       Executive Board Limitations, Workload and Struggles

8.       Other

a.       Leave

b.      COVID Schedules

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