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Member Weekly Update – Edition #10

March 17, 2021

Member Weekly Update – Edition #10

Please find the latest edition of weekly updates to the membership about ongoing Union business.

On Tuesday, March 16, CATCA participated in Unifor’s Aviation Worker’s Virtual Media Conference to call on the Federal Government to provide funding to save the aviation industry from total collapse. In attendance were; Jerry Dias, National President, Unifor; Barret Arman, President, Sunwing Pilots, Unifor Local 7378; Doug Best, President & CEO, Canadian Air Traffic Control Association-Unifor Local 5454; Elizabeth O’Hurley, President, Air Traffic Specialist Association of Canada, Unifor Local 2245; and Don Ross, Interim President, Unifor Local 2002. The message was clear; the aviation industry needs immediate assistance. Click here to view the recording.

Following the Aviation Worker’s Media Conference, President Doug Best, Executive Vice President Scott Loder, and Unifor President Jerry Dias met with the Minister of Transportation, Omar Alghabra, to further address the immediate need for Government intervention in NAV Canada’s staffing reduction plan and provide financial relief to assist in doing so. The discussion was centred on informing the Minister in regards to the multitude of safety issues inherent in the initiatives NAV Canada has been employing, and CATCA requesting the following from the Government of Canada:

  • Provide adequate pandemic funding to NAV CANADA but ensure that it is tied to reversing the service reduction plan
  • Honour Transport Canada’s statutory duty to provide Canadians with a safe air navigation system by deploying all relevant Ministerial powers
  • Demand that NAV CANADA commits to genuine and ongoing engagement with CATCA and our members to ensure adequate staffing levels and productive workplaces to maintain our high standards of safety for the flying public.

The discussion with Minister Alghabra was productive and received well. CATCA pledged continued collaboration with the Minister and Transport Canada to provide information and advise on issues where required. The Minister assured us that safety will be a priority when reviewing the actions being undertaken by NAV Canada.

NAV Canada is planning a series of meetings in response to Safety Concerns that have been brought to their attention.  In order to keep the sessions at a size to allow productive discussions, the plan is to only invite the Safety Pillars for each specialty/unit and possibly a union representative, more than likely your RVP. The plan is to hold four meetings per FIR. Members should direct any questions or concerns you would like addressed at these meetings to your Safety Pillar.  Meeting invites are planned to be sent out next week by NAV Canada.

CATCA has also received some good news that ensures long-term stability for our SERCO members in Goose Bay as they have secured the contract to manage services there for the next 20 years. Very positive news that is a testament to the exceptional work already being provided.

Members are reminded to contact their immediate manager(s) to inform them that they may not be physically or mentally able to perform their job safely. If that is the case, please request assistance to help deal with the issue(s) you are experiencing. NAV Canada has indicated that they will work with each member individually concerning these sensitive matters. We urge CATCA Members to utilize this avenue if they experience symptoms attributable to the current situation that could hinder your ability to perform your job safely.  In addition, you should reach out to your RVP and utilize EAP services to provide additional support that may be required; please click here or here.

We continue to ask all Members to remain professional as we attempt to continue discussions with NAV Canada over these decisions and their negative impacts. Please remain respectful to management in any discussions or written transactions you may have regarding voicing your concern on this.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Doug Best                                                        Scott Loder
President                                                         Executive Vice President

Click here for the PDF.