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Important Breakthrough On Partial Check-Outs

Effective immediately, trainees who “partially qualify” (work independently in at least one (1) position or sector) will receive the full ATC pay and premium for that unit going forward – even when they return to on-job training – until they are fully qualified. Additionally, they will have to return to supervised OJT within no more than one (1) year from when they first work alone, after which they will train without further interruption until full check-out.

This new agreement between CATCA and NAV Canada represents another important step in ensuring fair treatment of trainees, and good-faith use of the “progressive training” concept.

After extensive debate last week at our Convention in Halifax, CATCA was directed by our membership to achieve this goal and we are happy to report we have done so.

As of now, it is full pay and premium from first partial qualification onward, and for the first time, a time limit for getting back to training toward full check-out. CATCA has also clearly told the Company that we will maintain our long-standing opposition to permanent partial qualification.

Thanks for this major achievement go out to the Executive Board and to all our members who persisted in the quest for justice for trainees and the integrity of our ATC licences. Please consult the actual agreement and your Regional Vice President for full details.

In solidarity,

Peter Duffey                                        Doug Best
President                                             Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.