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Bargaining Bulletin #18: Tentative agreement highlights

January 13, 2020

CATCA and NAV Canada have reached a tentative agreement. Members can review the tentative agreement highlights by clicking here. Please note these are only settlement highlights. A full and comprehensive Memorandum of Settlement will be forthcoming.

Your Contract Committee consisting of:

  • Peter Duffey
  • Doug Best
  • Jerry Brodt
  • David Doerksen
  • Benoit Vachon
  • Ian Thomson
  • Scott Shields
  • Wayne Badcock
  • Peter Bryant
  • Jonathan Daoust
  • Jayson Garayt
  • Ilija Josipovic
  • Matthew Lo
  • Mike Loftus
  • Steven Pawluk
  • Jeff Timmy
  • Scott Turner
  • Tim Waldroff
  • Chad Wassing
  • Ian Willoughby

and assisted by Debbie Cooper, Sumeeta Narula, Bruce Snow, and Lewis Gottheil, unanimously recommends that you vote “YES” to this tentative agreement.

A ratification tour will begin immediately with dates and local times below. All CATCA members are welcome at all meetings. Meeting locations will be announced shortly.

  • Gander: Tuesday, January 14 @ 19:00h
  • Moncton: Wednesday, January 15 @ 11:00h
  • Montreal: Thursday, January 16 @ 13:00h
  • Toronto: Friday, January 17 @ 13:00h
  • Vancouver: Monday, January 20 @ 12:00h
  • Edmonton: Tuesday, January 21 @ 13:00h
  • Winnipeg: Wednesday, January 22 @ 10:00h

Electronic voting for ratification of the collective agreement will be held Wednesday, January 22, 13:00 ET through to Wednesday, January 29 at 13:00 ET.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,

Peter Duffey                                                                Doug Best
President                                                                     Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.