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The Alliance Concludes Their Inaugural Meeting

The Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance, “The Alliance” for short, had their inaugural meeting in Vancouver, BC on September 18 and 19, 2018. At their meeting, The Alliance took the opportunity to set goals, start the process of determining their structure, governance, and future membership.

Paul Winstanley, Prospect ATCO’s Branch Chair and ITF ATS Chair from the United Kingdom, was elected as the first President for a two-year term. Elected as Vice President is Jeremy Thompson, International Liaison Officer and member of the Air Traffic Control Council for NZALPA in New Zealand, who will also serve a two-year term.

Recognising that ATM is a global industry, the member unions of The Alliance work together to meet individual and shared challenges and raise important issues to a global audience while developing and cultivating global relationships.

Stronger together,
The Alliance Executive Board

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The Alliance was founded by a coalition of labour unions representing aviation safety professionals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Alliance is a group of like-minded Unions, guided by global solidarity and unity, established to speak with a collective voice on a range of subjects that have a common effect on the profession and the professionals they represent. The Alliance is an agile organisation that is able to respond quickly and effectively to their mutual challenges.


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