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Staff Memo – Time in Position

September 27, 2019

NAV Canada released a staff memo this afternoon that has caused confusion and concern with our members. CATCA would like to clarify some points.

First, on the issue of mandatory breaks, as a result of collective bargaining we are in a statutory freeze period and changes to working conditions would require CATCA’s approval before implementation. CATCA has concerns around the issue of breaks on a midnight shift and further discussions are needed before any changes can be considered. To be clear, at this time, it is CATCA’s opinion that working conditions on midnight shifts should not change. Therefore this portion of the action items will not be implemented at this time. NAV Canada has advised Transport Canada (TC) of this, and TC understands and agrees with this approach. Working conditions on midnight shifts will remain status quo while CATCA engages in discussions with NAV Canada.

Secondly, regarding the definition of a ‘meaningful break’, please note the term “of at least 20 minutes.” This is a temporary measure implemented by NAV Canada meant to provide some guidance to managers until the FSAG group can complete its work and make recommendations on this subject. NAV Canada has set the 20-minute minimum as a starting point. It is understood there may be situations where members will feel they require a longer break to refresh themselves before returning to a position. In such cases, we expect longer breaks to be taken.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


Peter Duffey                             Doug Best
President                                  Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.