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Seniority Bid Restart and Deferral Withdrawal

August 16, 2021

Seniority Bid Restart and Deferral Withdrawal                  

In June 2020, an agreement was made with NAV Canada to defer the National Seniority Bid for the 2021 year. There was further communication in October 2020 updating the membership on the continued pause on training.

NAV Canada has recently advised CATCA and announced to employees that training will begin again as early as this fall in some locations. This promoted a discussion on the long deferral list, among other topics related to staffing.

The Union will continue the discussion of details for the upcoming National Seniority Bid, which should take place sometime over the next two months for training positions in 2022. Further communication will be provided when details are finalized.

We all know the Pandemic has affected many employees and recognize that personal circumstances may have changed as a result. In an effort to work through staffing issues, NAV Canada and CATCA have agreed that a one-time penalty-free withdrawal from current deferrals would be offered for all members who have accepted a seniority bid offer prior to March 2020.

Over the coming days, management will contact each deferred member and offer the option to withdraw. Each member will be given ten (10) days to make a decision and respond as to their wish of continuing with the program or withdrawing. For those members who remain in the program, RVP’s will work with General Managers on potential earlier release dates, if applicable, as NAV Canada staffing requirement numbers have changed.

If you are affected by this offer and have questions, please contact your RVP.

In Solidarity,

Doug Best                                                                    Scott Loder
President                                                                     Executive Vice President

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