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Revised By-law and Policy Amendments for Convention 2016

Attached please find a revised list of submitted By-law amendments for Convention 2016.

There was an oversight in the original submissions as when the Board of Directors circulated the Bylaws and Policy amendments. In the March 7, 2016 B&F, we stated:

Due to a change in the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, the Policy Manual must be amended to conform with the changes to the Act. As a result, in conjunction with legal counsel, the Board is proposing the following three (3) documents which will take the place of the original Policy Manual.

– Corporate By-laws
– Union By-laws
– Policy Book

However, a formal submission for the 3 documents was not made and hence not included in the resolution package. That was an oversight on our part and the recommendations have been added.

Please note that any Policy amendments received after March 7, 2016 will be provided on the Convention floor.

In Solidarity,


Peter Duffey                Doug Best
President                     Executive Vice-President


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