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Retirement – Abe Rosner

We have been advised by Abe and The CAW that he has decided to retire from CP Rail and the CAW effective on October 01, 2011.
Abe’s remarkable career as a Union activist has spanned some 37 years of which we have been happily associated with him for the past 10 years.
While the departure of someone of Abe’s stature will naturally leave a void in our Association we wish to congratulate Abe on, as he put it, “starting a new chapter in his life”.
Abe has made a remarkable contribution to CATCA’s growth and development as a union that cannot be overstated.
Most are aware of Abe’s work on grievances and arbitrations but that is a very small part of what Abe has provided CATCA as our CAW Staff Representative over the past decade.
Abe provided mentorship to all of us in every facet of labour relations. He developed and delivered effective training programs for our stewards and members. He truly shone with his ability to communicate with clarity and effectiveness with our members, leaders and employers regardless of the topic or emotions involved. Above all else he helped us focus our efforts on the “prime objective” of becoming a union that solved members’ problems.
Abe’s work with CATCA has provided us with the rock solid foundation necessary for us to continue to succeed both individually and as a trade union.
We would like to thank Brother Rosner and wish him and his wife Dr. Marnie Frain all the very best as the next chapter of their lives as it unfolds at their home in the Laurentians.