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Referendum Vote on Deferral Request by NAV Canada

April 4, 2020

Referendum Vote on Deferral Request by NAV Canada

Members are aware CATCA has received requests from NAV Canada regarding the deferral of retroactive pay due in May and salary increases beginning on April 1, 2020.

CATCA’s Executive Board (EB) has unanimously decided that the requests will to be put to the membership through a referendum. Each member will have their say. After reviewing the information in the B&F Union Update #6 and discussing the situation in detail, the EB believes the request is reasonable, but we also strongly believe the membership should ultimately decide.  The questions posed to you will be;

  • Do you support granting permission to NAV Canada that payment of retroactive salary that has arisen from the settling of the collective agreement be delayed until September 30, 2020?
  • Do you support granting permission to NAV Canada that payment of this year’s salary increase (for CATCA 3% effective April 1, 2020) be delayed until September 30, 2020? A retroactive payment would be made for the period April 2, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

NAV Canada indicated in their request that they will want to have additional conversation closer to September 30 to discuss further delays based on economic conditions. If the referendum passes, an extension will only be granted to September 30, 2020. Any further delay that may be requested, would again be put to a referendum.

Any member who retires during the payment deferral period will have their pension and severance entitlements calculated as if the 3% increase was in place April 1, 2020 and they would receive their back pay with their other end of career payments.

Details on the timing of the vote and voting procedures will be announced in the coming days.  The voting period will be 5 days as required by CATCA policy.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Peter Duffey                                                                     Doug Best
President                                                                          Executive Vice President

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