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Post Ratification Information

We have been informed by NAV Canada that salary increases from the ratified collective agreement will be on members’ pay effective June 1, 2017 and will be reflected on paystubs issued June 14, 2017.  Retroactive amounts for the period April 1 – May 31, 2017 are currently being calculated and are targeted to be paid September 20, 2017.  Members will have the option of directing all, or any portion of, their retroactive pay into an RRSP.  NAV Canada has provided direction through an employee bulletin on how to request such a transfer. The deadline for making the request to transfer the amount to an RRSP is August 15, 2017.

No date has been provided yet for the implementation of new premiums or the payment of retroactive amounts.

Instructions on how members can request voluntary payout of their severance will be forthcoming shortly and will include a deadline date.  NAV Canada will not be providing individual severance estimates to members.  A table showing approximated values will be circulated when payout request instructions are published.  As with retroactive pay, members will have the option of transferring all or any portion of their severance payout to an RRSP.  It will be the member’s responsibility to ensure they have room in their RRSP if they make such a request.  Members will also have the option of splitting severance payout over two taxation years.  Any member requesting voluntary severance payout will have that amount calculated effective August 31, 2017 as well as receiving an additional $5000 lump sum amount.  Anyone who retires between May 6, 2017 and August 31, 2017 will be entitled to the additional $5000 lump sum.  Members are reminded this is a one-time voluntary option.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


Peter Duffey                                                                                       Doug Best
President                                                                                            Executive Vice President


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