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Pay For Trainees


For many years, CATCA has campaigned hard to ease the financial burden on our ATC students. Our ability to achieve change was severely limited because students are not yet employees or union members.

After months of talks with NAV Canada, we are very pleased to announce that, at long last, NAV Canada has agreed with our position. Details are as follows:

  1. Retroactive to January 1, 2016, all tuition fees (as high as $3,500) are cancelled and there will be no future test fees for new applicants.
    • Details on retroactive payments will be forthcoming.
  1. At the commencement of generic training, students will now receive a training allowance of $580 per week (also effective Jan. 1, 2016).
    • Details on retroactive payments will be forthcoming.
  1. Students who pass their generic course will now become employees and union members on the following day, be paid ATC-00 salary, and be protected by the collective agreement. In the case of IFR trainees, this could make them paid employees, under union protection, from six months to one (1) year earlier.

CATCA sincerely appreciates these changes implemented by NAV Canada. We are convinced that both the Company and employees will benefit from improved incentives and living conditions for the air traffic controllers of the future. NAV Canada will be releasing full details today.

If you have any questions, please consult with your local manager of training.

In solidarity,
Peter Duffey                                                                                        Doug Best
President                                                                                             Executive Vice President


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