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NCBAA Executive and Committee Changes

The NAV Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) is a collaborative group of the 8 unions within NAV Canada:

  • Unifor 1016
  • ACFO
  • CFPA
  • IBEW

At the recent annual general meeting, elections were held resulting in changes to the NCBAA Executive and some of its appointed roles. CATCA President Peter Duffey was elected NCBAA Chairperson and as the NCBAA Observer to the NAV Canada BoD Pension Committee. As Chair of the NCBAA, Peter will also serve as the co-chair of the NAV Canada Joint Council (NCJC) Executive Committee.

There are four (4) voting members of NAV Canada who represent the Company’s 4 founding groups:

  • employees represented by the NCBAA
  • the Government of Canada
  • business and general aviation
  • commercial airlines of Canada

The voting members elect Directors to the NAV Canada Board, approve By-law changes and appoint the company’s auditors. Peter will assume the role of an NCBAA voting member of NAV Canada. The members are:

  • Canadian Business Aviation Association: Rudy Touring, President and CEO
  • National Airlines Council of Canada: Marc-Andre O’Rourke, Executive Director
  • NAV Canada Bargaining Agents Association: Peter Duffey, CATCA President
  • Transport Canada: Shawn Tupper, Assistant Deputy Minister

Peter will continue to sit on the NCJC Benefits Committee and EVP Doug Best will continue to sit on the NCJC Allowances Committee.

In solidarity,


Peter Duffey                                                               Doug Best
President                                                                    Executive Vice President


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