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National Office Retirement – Mrs. Anita Sawyer

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that Mrs. Anita Sawyer, Executive Assistant, has advised us of her decision to retire from CATCA effective at the end of June.
Anita is the longest serving employee in the history of our association. Anita started with CATCA October 01, 1974 and has been with us ever since.
Our mixed feelings are as a result of not only our sadness in having such a loyal and valued employee leave us, but also our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for her dedication to the members throughout the years and the happiness we share at her achieving retirement.
Anita’s first concern in any matter was always “how will this affect the members”? That sort of understanding of what the union really is always focused everyone on our mission.
Anita was instrumental in providing the expertise and experience needed to allow us to undertake the massive transition that was necessary in reorganizing the union in 2001. Her professionalism and attention to detail allowed us to undertake the changes necessary to become the successful operation that we are today.
We will also miss her lifetime of experience organizing and running our conventions as the smooth events that always went off without a hitch. I cannot count the number of times at convention we have heard “don’t worry we’ll take care of it!” and so it was.
On behalf of the Executive and the Board of Directors of CATCA we wish Anita and her husband Bill the very best in retirement and any future endeavors they may undertake.
Anita you will be missed.
A farewell party will be organized and advertised shortly.

In solidarity,

Greg Myles

Doug Best
Executive Vice-President