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Member Update

June 11, 2021

Member Update

Please find the latest edition of updates to the membership about ongoing Union business.

Last week, NAV Canada announced that all surplus letters and vulnerability letters would be rescinded. This was undoubtedly welcomed news and provided some relief to the stresses our Members have had to endure at the hands of the Company.

While this was an important victory for the Association, the road ahead is not filled without its challenges. CATCA continues to bring forward concerns including fatigue management, the current and impending staffing crisis, training, and outstanding grievances.

In light of recent events, CATCA and NAV Canada met with the Arbitrator on June 7th regarding ongoing grievances. All parties agreed to adjourn while both sides re-evaluate and consider their legal positions in the arbitration. The next meeting date is scheduled for July 5th. In addition, the first scheduled mediation date for the Unfair Labour Practice Complaint filed by CATCA with the CIRB will be held on June 24, 2021.

We remind all members that personal electronic devices are not permitted to be used while in an operations area. The use of personal electronic devices while in an operations area could lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination. Please review local policies and guidelines for use of personal electronic devices within your unit.

CATCA would like to thank all Members for their patience and support as we navigated through such stressful and trying times for our Membership and as we continue pushing forward on the issues still before us.

While there is still more work to be done, we advise Members that B&F communications will revert to normal distribution processes. Future B&F’s will be sent out only as important issues occur that require communication to the Membership. Should the need arise, we will recommence weekly B&F distribution.

In Solidarity,

Doug Best                                                                           Scott Loder
President                                                                            Executive Vice President

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