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Licensing and Medical Certification Reminder

As an Air Traffic Controller, Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) require that you are always in possession of a valid medical certificate when working operational positions.

It is your responsibility as the licence holder to ensure you satisfy the requirements under CARs: to have a valid medical certificate and licence, and be able to produce it when exercising the privileges of your licence.

Please DO NOT let your licence expire.

Important Notes:

  • Recently there have been a few incidents across the country where people were found to be working without valid medical certificates.
  • Transport Canada is following up on these incidents of expired medical certificates and subsequently, we have recently seen Transport Canada issue substantial fines to our members. This is a new approach by the regulator.
  • CATCA has no avenue to defend members if they receive a fine from Transport Canada. The issue is strictly between the Controller and Transport Canada.

Below please find a helpful Infographic on the medical certification process provided by NAV Canada

If there are any questions with regards to your licence, please speak with your Branch Chair or Steward or your RVP.

In solidarity,

Peter Duffey                               Doug Best
President                                    Executive Vice President

Click here for the PDF.