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As we communicated last year, CATCA had informed IFATCA that it was our intention to discontinue our membership in the federation for a number of reasons.  Since that time, CATCA leadership has been involved in numerous conversations and meetings with the IFATCA leadership as well as various other interested parties including current and past CATCA members and leaders. The objective of this dialogue was to express CATCA’s concerns and point of view with regard to a number of challenges that we believed needed IFATCA’s attention. As a result of those conversations, and given their positive outcome, we have elected to revisit our initial decision.  Even though our concerns regarding IFATCA and the rationale for our decision had merit, it also became clear that the course of action we chose may not be the best way to serve our association and profession in the long run.  Moreover, that decision, while technically within the authority of the board, was probably more suitably made by the membership in the form of a convention resolution.  For that reason, we attended the recent IFATCA annual convention with an eye to assessing whether we could influence positive change within the organization, rather than abandoning a long-standing relationship.

To that end, CATCA presented a working paper regarding the financing of the federation, requested a review of current subscription schemes, and mechanisms for the declaration of membership. The working paper was well received and as a result of CATCA’s intervention, these items have been added to IFATCA’s next year work programme. CATCA has also put forward names for key committee positions within IFATCA.  Canada (CATCA) was successful in securing posts on the Constitution and Administrative Committee (CAC) and the Technical and Operational Committee (TOC), both of which are key to defining the federation policy and direction.

It is also important to note that we have managed to gain a commitment from Nav to support the IFATCA representative to ICAO in the form of JF Lepage’s seat on the ANC. In addition, we have secured a continued commitment from Unifor to reimburse registration costs for the federation to CATCA.

All of this to say that we believe we have managed to secure more influence within the federation and positive impact at minimal cost to our association. Over the coming years, CATCA will continue to monitor IFATCA’s work programme developments and provide input, as appropriate, to make sure the interests of the CATCA membership are taken into account and policy reflects our interests.

It has become clear over the past year that the potential value and nature of our relationship within the federation has not received enough attention.  Many members are unaware of the potential benefits and this is an area in which your association must do a better job of communicating.  We commit to providing more information and regular updates on the work of IFATCA and CATCA’s role within it.

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                 Scott Loder

President                                                                     Executive Vice President

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