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Health Spending Account Carryover

Will you have part of your 2017 Health Spending Account (HSA) allocation left over at the end of December? If so, you will be able to use that unused balance during 2018 – in addition to the fresh annual allocation of $750. If you still have HSA funds remaining from 2016, those will expire on January 1, 2018 as scheduled.

As you may know, your benefit plans, including healthcare, are negotiated jointly with all unions and separately from regular collective bargaining. Those negotiations are still ongoing. While the HSA carryover is not (yet) a permanent feature, NAV Canada has agreed to extend the carryover for one more year while bargaining continues.

For more details, please refer to the NAV Canada online bulletin on this subject which is scheduled for release today. As always, feel free to contact your RVP with any questions or concerns.

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Peter Duffey                                        Doug Best
President                                             Executive Vice-President


Click here for the PDF.