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Members are reminded that the full FAM Flight program restarted on January 1, 2023 and members may submit a request online through Central.  The approved destinations are listed in the LOU 2019-02 at the end of the collective agreement.

After discussions with NAV Canada on January 3rd, 2023, CATCA was advised that the Company is finalizing a list of approved conferences that members will be eligible to apply on for upcoming FAM Flight requests.  Further information from the Company indicates they are having issues finding appropriate conferences within the vast list of suggestions from CATCA, that fit within the FAM Flight Guidelines.  For example, most conferences are 3-days in length which would necessitate members needing 5-days off (including travel days) instead of 3, or 4-days off in some cases.  CATCA is planning to meet with the Company to discuss solutions at the end of one of our days of bargaining during the week of January 8-13, 2023.

NAV Canada has advised us that there are possible issues with the drop-down menus during the online application process.  If you are submitting an application and have an issue, please send an email to:, or let the GM assistant know and they can communicate the issue to Jennifer Savard.

According to the LOU 2019-02, members are reminded that they can make a FAM Flight request to any destination or conference that they feel is relevant and important, through the paper application method, with a supporting business case to justify why it would be an appropriate destination/conference.

Please review the LOU 2019-02 and the FAM Flight Guidelines prior to making a request.

Click here to access the Familiarization Flight & Unit Guidelines

Click here to access the Familiarization Flight & Unit Request Form

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                            Scott Loder

President                                                                                Executive Vice President

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