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Email Collection Procedures for Electronic Voting

As outlined in the August 4, 2017 B&F, CATCA is transitioning to an electronic voting system. National Office must therefore have a current and valid personal email address for each active member on file so that a unique voting link can be sent to each voter.

National Data Collection Procedure

  • Branch Executives will be given list of active members in that Branch
  • They or a designated representative will speak with each member about the email address (or lack thereof) National Office has on file
  • You will simply provide your representative with:
    • confirmation of the existing email address
    • a corrected email address (replacing what is currently on file)
    • a new email address if none is on file
  • Please note that “” addresses will NOT be accepted
  • The email collection deadline is Friday, October 20, 2017

Keeping Your Profile Up-To-Date

  • Sixty (60) days in advance of a CATCA voting event, a B&F will be distributed asking all members to advise National Office of any email changes
    • These updates must be received within 30 days
  • National Office will then send out a “Test” email blast, alerting Branch Executives of any address that bounces back as invalid or undeliverable. These members will then be asked to provide updated information
    • These “Test blasts will not be used for communication of any Association business, and are only part of the QA process
  • If there is no CATCA voting event in a calendar year, National Office will send out the “Test” email blast at the end of June

Please contact your Branch Executive or RVP with any questions regarding E-voting.

On behalf of the Elections Committee,

Doug Best
Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.