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Electronic Voting

The CATCA Executive Board recently tasked the Elections Committee with investigating the Association’s transition to electronic voting noting the successful trial that was conducted in YUL ACC in late 2016. On the recommendation of the Elections Committee, the Board has decided to proceed with an improved version of this process for all future national elections, Regional Vice President elections, referendums and collective agreement votes.

There are several benefits to electronic voting including:

  • reduced voting window required
  • quicker results
  • ease of use
  • increased accuracy
  • reduced chance of fraud
  • ability to cast a vote from anywhere the member has access to their email

To implement a successful e-voting system, there are some important steps to take. Most importantly is the collection of a current and valid personal email address for each active member so that a unique voting link can be sent to each voter. NAV Canada email addresses will not be accepted. For member couples who share an email address, a second email will need to be created as a unique email for each voting member is required.

National Office will provide Branch Executives with data collection procedures by Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The Executives will then contact members to gather and or confirm email information.

Please note as currently done, direct CATCA communication is on an as-requested basis; if you haven’t previously requested to receive CATCA correspondence, this process will not automatically opt you in. CATCA will not use these email addresses for any mass communication, nor will the emails be shared outside of the National Office database.

On behalf of the Elections Committee,

Doug Best
Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.