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Early Retirement Incentive Phase 4 & 5

August 14, 2020

Early Retirement Incentive Phase 4 & 5

Phases 1, 2 and 3 of NAV Canada’s Early Retirement Incentive are now complete. Offers were made to 288 CATCA members and 55 of them were accepted. The CATCA Executive Board would like to congratulate these 55 members for their outstanding careers and wish them all of the best in retirement.

Yesterday, NAV Canada advised CATCA they will not be proceeding with Phases 4 or 5 with our bargaining group. The decision NAV Canada has made was based on concerns about the exposure it may create in some very short staffed and difficult to train in units or specialties.

CATCA understands there are some members across the country who may have been interested in an early departure incentive who did not qualify for offers in the first 3 phases. The CATCA Board unanimously agreed during our initial discussions about the ERI that all eligible members would be entitled to the ERI for a particular phase.  In other words, the company would be required to make offers to all eligible members in a Phase and due to staffing concerns the Company is not prepared to commit to this requirement at this time due to the reasons outlined above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your RVP.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Doug Best

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