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Convention 2022 – Business Only

January 13, 2022

Convention 2022 – Business Only

The impact of COVID-19 and its evolving variants on work and gatherings has made day-to-day life unpredictable for people everywhere.  As restrictions are eased or new restrictions introduced, it has also made planning for a safe CATCA Triennial Convention more and more difficult as we get closer to the date.

During the CATCA Executive Board (EB) meetings from January 4-6, 2022, a great deal of time was spent discussing the effect of restrictions on Convention 2022 in Quebec City (May 2-4, 2022).  Making an educated guess on what restrictions will be in place, or what the impact of those restrictions will be on attendance, has been a nearly impossible task.  After much deliberation, the CATCA EB has tentatively decided to proceed with the Convention at the beginning of May in person but, with regret, made the decision to reduce capacity at the event and invite Delegates only (no Observers).

All activities not related to Union business, such as the companion program and the off-site event, are cancelled at this time, and VIP guests and award winners will not be invited to attend the 2022 Convention.  Our main priority is to conduct the business of the Union, while at the same time being responsible in preventing spread of the virus as best we can.

The situation remains fluid and the EB continues to monitor developments associated with the pandemic.  All options remain open for the expansion or contraction of attendance at Convention as permitted by any restrictions in force at the time and we will change plans as necessary, should circumstances allow or require change.

On Behalf of the Executive Board,

Doug Best                                         Scott Loder
President                                          Executive Vice-President

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