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Contract Committee Voting and Counting Procedures

June 20, 2022

Contract Committee Voting and Counting Procedures

Electronic Voting for the Contract Committee positions will begin on Monday, June 27, 2022 at noon EDT and close Saturday, July 2, 2022 at noon EDT.

On June 27, shortly before voting opens, you will receive an email from “CATCA:” which will provide you with access to vote. Please:

  • Check your spam and junk email folders for the Simply Voting Email
    • If it does appear in one of these folders, flag it as “safe” so that it moves to your inbox
  • If you do not receive this email bynoon EDT Monday, June 27, 2022, contact National Office via email (

Attached and below are the procedures and information required for the election of the Contract Committee positions.

Included are:

  • E-voting link:
  • Voters’ list segmented by Committee position available
  • List of members without membership cards or emails addresses on file (if applicable)

Electronic Election procedure (per revised Policy Book, Section I, 6.4 of May 2022)

  • Proxy votes are not allowed
  • Branch Secretaries and Facility Stewards are to refer any problems to their Branch Elections Officer, who will, in turn, report the problem to the Returning Officer
  • The Returning Officer shall report the results to the Elections Committee and the candidates after the election closes.

How to E-Vote

  • Click on the link provided above or the “” email June 27
  • You will be prompted to enter your Elector ID and Password
    • Your Elector ID is your name exactly as it appears on the voter’s list attached (accents, capitalization, spaces, etc.)
      • A middle name has been added where two or more people have the same name
    • Your Password is your PRI number (employee number) which can be found on Workday
  • If your PRI begins with “0” or “00”, do not enter those zeros
    • You MUST rank the candidates in order of preference, by placing the number 1 (one) beside the first choice, the number two (2) beside the second choice, the number three (3) beside the third choice, etc. You may also choose the “ABSTAIN” option
  • In the event of a tie, additional elections will be held until a winner is elected
  • You are able to review your vote before submitting, and print your voting receipt
  • Any problems or questions that arise during the election should be sent to your
  • Branch Executive who will contact the Returning Officer
    • Only the CATCA Elections Administrator, Israel Mbouyi, has direct access to Simply Voting


Returning Officer

  • The Returning Officer for CATCA 5454 will be the Executive Vice President for all elections with the exception for a position in which he is running.
  • The Returning Officer for this election is Scott Loder, Executive Vice President. He can be contacted at or 780.819.2731. 

Elections Officer

  • Elections Officer means an individual in charge of preparing and conducting all local and national elections within the Branch or Facility. The Elections Officer shall be appointed by a Branch or Facility Executive.

Right to Vote

  • As in any matter affecting the Association, only eligible active members within the region may vote. Please refer to the Union By-law, paras. 4.1; 5.2; and 5.4 (May 2022 Union By-Laws) which outlines the definition of an active member.
  • Non-members may fill out an online membership card prior to voting. The link to the online membership card is listed above. 

If you have any questions, please call CATCA National Office at 613.225.3553 or contact Israel Mbouyi at

In solidarity,

Chad Watt
CATCA Elections Committee

Click here for the PDF.