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Contract Committee

The Contract Committee is a group of elected members whose time and efforts go towards getting the best collective agreement possible for the membership. Being part of this Committee is a good way to learn more about your collective agreement and its history, and participate in improving air traffic controllers’ work conditions. The members of this group are elected a few months before the bargaining sessions actually start. In addition to the positions held by the Executive Board (President, Executive Vice President, and 5 Regional Vice Presidents), the following representatives will be elected by the membership:

  • Atlantic Towers
  • Gander ACC
  • Moncton ACC
  • Bilingual Towers (all Quebec Towers including Ottawa Tower)
  • Montreal ACC
  • Central Towers
  • Toronto ACC & Tower
  • Prairie Towers
  • Edmonton ACC
  • Winnipeg ACC
  • Pacific Towers
  • Vancouver ACC & Tower
  • Non-control positions
  • Nick von Schoenberg
  • , President & CEO
  • Scott Loder
  • , Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Benoit Vachon
  • , Regional Vice President, St-Laurent
  • Chris Kenny
  • , Regional Vice President, Central
  • Ian Thomson
  • , Regional Vice President, Atlantic
  • Andrew Worthington
  • , Regional Vice President, Pacific
  • Jerry Brodt
  • , Regional Vice President, Prairies
  • Jonathan Daoust
  • , Montreal ACC
  • Jeff Timmy
  • , Winnipeg ACC
  • Wayne Badcock
  • , Gander ACC
  • Jeremie Yelle
  • , Bilingual Towers (all Quebec Towers including Ottawa Tower)
  • Richard Davenport
  • , Toronto ACC & Tower
  • Matthew Lo
  • , Central Towers
  • Mike Loftus
  • , Edmonton ACC
  • Steven Pawluk
  • , Pacific Towers
  • Scott Turner
  • , Moncton ACC
  • Timothy Waldroff
  • , Non-control positions
  • Chad Wassing
  • , Prairie Towers
  • James Legein
  • , Vancouver ACC & Tower
  • Raelene Crowe
  • , Atlantic Towers

    Before bargaining sessions start with the Company, the members of the Contract Committee bring forward the proposals submitted by the Branches and Facilities they represent and are asked to explain the rationale behind it. After the Contract Committee has discussed all the proposals that were submitted, they will select which proposals they will present to the Company and establish priorities. A list of final proposals is officially presented to the company’s representatives at the opening session of bargaining. Although confidentiality rules apply, the Contract Committee members are expected to:

    • Make sure they understand the rationale behind proposals and defend them in front of the group;
    • Provide a copy of the final proposals list to their Branches/Facilities, after it has been presented to the company’s representatives;
    • Keep the members they represent informed of the latest development in the bargaining process.
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