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Collective Bargaining to begin early

Earlier this month, the CATCA Executive Board attended meetings in Ottawa that provided information on the current pension plan valuation as well as an explanation from NAV Canada on the reasoning behind the recent rate reductions.

During our own closed door meetings, the Executive Board also discussed at length the current economic climate and NAV Canada’s offer to discuss “the right reward.” The “right reward” is the term NAV Canada is using to indicate to CATCA that our members will receive their fair share of the company’s recent economic successes. As stakeholders, NAV Canada is clearly stating we will share in the recent gains that have caused the company to reduce rates.

After considering all the information carefully, we believe the time is right to head back to the bargaining table. The CATCA Executive Board made a decision to ask NAV Canada to commence collective bargaining early. A subsequent meeting took place where both CATCA and NAV Canada expressed an interest in beginning contract discussions earlier than the legal starting date of December 1, 2016. We anticipate commencing collective bargaining in October. Prior to the commencement of bargaining, the Contract Committee will meet to consider proposals from the branches. The call for proposals will be announced accordingly.

At the Convention in Halifax, the decision to maintain the Current Contract committee was passed. There are two vacancies (Montreal ACC, and Vancouver ACC and Tower) due to members leaving for reasons of retirement and relocation, which need to be filled. Nominations and elections for these positions will be held over the summer.

Dates and timelines for all these events will be announced as soon as they are available.

In solidarity

Peter Duffey                                             Doug Best
President                                                   Executive Vice President

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