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After years of work, the classification working group has made final recommendations on removing counting as the sole criterion for determining some of the factors in the classification process. The committee made its recommendations to CATCA and NAV Canada and the recommendations have been accepted. The new review process will now move ahead according to the working group’s recommendations.

The process of reviewing towers with the matrix developed by the classification working group will begin this fall. The first towers to be reviewed will be:

  • Abbotsford
  • Fort McMurray
  • Hamilton
  • Kelowna
  • London
  • Quebec City
  • St. Andrews
  • Toronto Billy Bishop
  • Victoria

The list of the first 9 units was established jointly by CATCA and NAV Canada. These nine units will be reviewed this fall through two meetings of the classification working group. Going forward, 9 to 10 units will be reviewed each year and within 4 years all towers will have been reviewed under the matrix review process. Four or five towers will be reviewed each April and another four or five in September. The exceptions are Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver towers. These units are still being discussed as to how they will be handled, as they are currently paired with their respective ACC’s. Note that these changes to classification only apply to grade 1 through 4 towers. No changes are scheduled for ACC’s at this time.

Other recommendations from the working group and more information on the process described above can be read here.

If you have any questions, please direct them to your Branch Chair who will, in turn, direct them to your Regional Vice President.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


Peter Duffey                                                                 Doug Best
President                                                                      Executive Vice President


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