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CATCA Women’s Committee: Member Appointments

December 2, 2019

As passed at the 2019 convention in Banff, Alberta, the Executive Board called for volunteers to form the CATCA Women’s Committee. The term of each position shall be three (3) years, starting January 1, 2020 to coincide with the other CATCA committee terms.

The Board has reviewed all applications, and is pleased to appoint the following members to the committee:
• Vancouver FIR: Maureen Murdoch, Vancouver ACC
• Edmonton FIR: Tatiana Young, Springbank Tower
• Winnipeg FIR: Heather Moore, Winnipeg ACC
• Toronto FIR: n/a
• NCR: Sandy Officer, Ottawa TSC
• Montreal FIR: n/a
• Moncton FIR: Christy Ferguson, Fredericton Tower
• Gander FIR: Tracey Vacher, Gander ACC

Benoit Vachon, RVP St. Laurent, will be the Executive Board liaison.

The Board wishes to thank everyone who put their name forward for consideration.

In solidarity,

Peter Duffey                                             Doug Best
President                                                  Executive Vice President


Click here for the PDF.