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CATCA Technical Advisory Committee

CATCA Technical Advisory Committee

At the September Executive Board meeting, the formation of a new committee was approved. The CATCA Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) has been struck in an effort to keep the membership informed of the many technical changes occurring across the country.

The CTAC will be co-chaired by the Central Region Vice President (the technical representative for the Executive Board) and a member of the Outaouais Branch. Each of CATCA’s five (5) regions will appoint one member and one alternate to the committee for a three-year term coinciding with the terms of CATCA’s other committees. The RVPs will select these members from volunteers within their region.

The CTAC will meet monthly via conference call, and publish a newsletter on a regular basis. The primary focus of the committee is information gathering and distribution on technical issues of concern to the membership. The secondary role is to compile a list of technical concerns as an advisory to the Executive Board.

Any members interested in volunteering for this committee are asked to submit their names to their Regional Vice President before October 18, 2017 for consideration at the next Executive Board meeting.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


David Doerksen
Central Region Vice President


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