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CATCA Bulletin 2022-04

April 27, 2022


After consultation with NAV Canada, LOU 2019-04 will apply for the remainder of this leave year. As a result, TOIL credits may be banked into the EOC toil bank until March 31, 2023, as per the LOU.

As the summer period approaches and pandemic restrictions continue to ease, the gravity of the staffing situation is mounting. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to resolve the situation as this will take a long-term commitment by the Company to hire, train, and retain controllers. It is also evident that very little can be done to avoid service disruptions to customers, and the pressure on controllers and other staff will undoubtedly arise. CATCA is acutely aware of how significant the impact on controllers may be, and we are working hard to anticipate and address scenarios with the Company in preparation. Procedures for sanitizing airspace and unit closures must be established and clearly defined, and we are pressing management to do so. Regardless of the situation, we remind you all that you have a responsibility in the exercise of your license, and you must always remain mindful of that.

The implementation of the NAV Canada Fatigue Program continues to be problematic. The current staffing situation is more dire than when the CAP was defined by the Company and accepted by Transport Canada, making the intended benefits unachievable. Officially, the plan to progress to phase 2 of implementation remains in place. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that to continue with that will be operationally unsustainable without significant service disruptions in addition to the unintended negative consequences on employees. Therefore, CATCA maintains that the only reasonable course of action in the near term is to pause the rollout until staffing levels improve and the program can be pursued in a more measured manner. We continue to press NAV Canada to follow a more common-sense approach in the near term. Consultations between NAV Canada and Transport Canada are occurring, and we will keep the members informed of any developments as they transpire.

NAV Canada’s CEO tour is underway, and we urge members to take the opportunity to share their opinions directly with members of NAV Canada’s executive management group when they come. We know you have a lot to say, and it’s important to make yourselves heard.

The convention is around the corner, and our organizing committee and National Office are working hard to address last-minute challenges to ensure things go smoothly. We appreciate their efforts as well as all of yours.

In solidarity,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                              Scott Loder
Interim President                                                                    Executive Vice President

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