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CATCA 2017 Award of Honour

The Award of Honour is given to Air Traffic Controllers who have displayed exemplary professionalism in recognition of meritorious action taken during a time of duress which enabled the preservation of safety of passengers, aircrew, and aircraft.

This year, the Executive Board is presenting the 2017 Award of Honour to Kevin Findlay of Edmonton ACC, Enroute.

On August 29, 2017, while working the Whitecourt sector, Kevin noticed altitude fluctuations in a PA34’s profile while passing through a thunderstorm. Shortly thereafter, the plane declared an emergency and was in an out of control spin. While there was sheer panic in the pilot’s voice, Kevin was able to calm the pilot down and provide headings to safety.

Despite the pilot thinking he had regained full control of his aircraft, through radar Kevin noticed that the plane continued to veer off-course; the gauges had become unreliable. Keeping his calm composure, Kevin guided the PA34 into clear air and suggested landing at the closer Whitecourt airport. Using a combination of headings and rate 1 turns, Kevin guided the pilot to Whitecourt and subsequently the airport, where the PA34 was able to safely land at approximately 2209z.

Kevin will be invited to Convention2019 in Banff for recognition in front of the membership.

On behalf of the Executive Board, thank you, Kevin, for the dedication and professionalism you displayed in responding to this emergency.

Peter Duffey                                                    Doug Best
President                                                         Executive Vice President


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