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Bridging the Op / Non-Op Divide

For over a decade, CATCA has been working to eliminate distinctions between “operating” and “non-operating” Controllers that were unnecessary, or just plain unfair.

Besides achieving a single ATC pay scale, we were able to win shift and weekend premiums for non-ops (2005), ATC Premium (2006), and double time for overtime (2008). But differences persisted, to the extent that two Controllers, with the same ATC licence and performing the same non-control duties, can have different weekly hours of work, shift lengths and cycles, rights to earn leave, etc., simply because one is called “operational” and the other is not.

Finally, the 2016 Halifax Convention delegates unanimously resolved that “CATCA endeavour to attain equitability in terms and conditions of employment for all ATC by the elimination of the non-operational concept.”

Effective October 31, 2016, all Controllers currently classified as “non-operating” will immediately see their work week reduced from 37½ to 36 hours with 8 hour 28 minute shifts; enjoy paid breaks; be assigned operational shift cycles (including being paid overtime whenever required to work a 5/2); and earn vacation and lieu leave the same as operational Controllers.

This historic change was achieved thanks to the determination of our membership to see all licenced Controllers being treated fairly and equally, with no one penalized for choosing (or being required) to take on a permanent position involving non-control duties. During this round of bargaining, the wording in our collective agreement will be amended to reflect these changes.  We fully expect to bring you a tentative agreement, for your approval, which no longer contains the terms “operating” or “non-operating” – just “Air Traffic Controller”.

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Peter Duffey                                                                        Doug Best
President                                                                             Executive Vice President

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