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Bargaining Bulletin No. 3

Second week of bargaining – January 10-14, Vancouver
The week began with the Union and Company committees separately meeting to sum up the experience of the previous session and prepare their thoughts for the current week’s agenda. Joint talks resumed on Tuesday. The following were among the main topics discussed: Training and competency, including: the need for relevant refresher training; the effectiveness of computer-based vs. instructor-led training; transparency and disclosure of notations in employee files which could relate to decisions about competency.
Sick leave: a review of initial results from the new sick-leave payout provision negotiated in 2009; current areas of concern and opportunities for expansion; reimbursement of the cost of medical certificates.
Technological change: possible future developments and the Union’s interest in exploring enhanced career protection for controllers in the event of any adverse effects on employment. The Company will provide a presentation on current and forecasted changes at the next session.
TOIL: discussion about mutual interests and concerns in regard to the scheduling of time off in lieu of overtime pay.
Other items which may have monetary implications, including: parking concerns at some towers; health spending account for retirees; personal development allowance; relocation issues in general and some specific concerns (Fort McMurray).
The committee’s assessment is that the talks were cooperative and useful, but it must be emphasized that we are still at the early stage of explanation and discussion.
Bargaining will continue during the week of January 24 in Toronto, where discussion will focus on hours of work and shift schedules, leave, pay and premiums, and continued discussion on staffing issues. It is hoped that by the end of the week we will have completed a good initial review of both sides interests, thus being prepared to look for common solutions in the following session.
Thank you for your patience and support, and watch for continuing updates.