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Bargaining Bulletin No. 11

Contract Committee Meeting
The contract committee met today via conference call. We discussed our collective bargaining situation along with recent developments in labour relations in Canada and the impact these changes could have on our situation. The team decided to take the following steps in an attempt to reach a final resolution of our collective agreement.
The President, EVP and CAW will meet with NAV Canada on June 22 to attempt to resolve all non-monetary issues that are outstanding. The issues which remain unresolved have all been thoroughly debated by our team and previously communicated to the employer. We also expect, at that time, to get an indication from the employer of a willingness to settle financial matters.
Assuming we have positive meetings, we will convene the contract committee in Ottawa as soon as possible to try to reach final agreement.
We will update you on June 23, 2011 as to the results of this meeting.
Our goal is to reach an agreement with the company as soon as possible and to present the best possible offer to the membership for ratification without government interference. Thank you for your patience and support.