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Bargaining Bulletin No. 10

The contract committee met with NAV CANADA a number of times over the past 2 days in Ottawa.
We have reached agreement on a number of issues that are important to concluding a collective agreement. However, we have not been able to come to agreement on monetary issues.
We have decided that the best course of action at this moment is to step back from the formal process of bargaining.
Our priority is a freely negotiated collective agreement that is fair, reasonable and meets the needs of our membership.
To that end we will continue to explore ideas and options that will restart the process as quickly as possible.
At this time we do not believe it is in CATCA’s best interest to file formal notices with government. We are consulting with the CAW to determine timing and next steps necessary to reach an agreement that we can ratify with our membership.
We will keep you advised of any developments. Your contract committee members will be back to work soon and will be able to answer questions on process and next steps. They will not however discuss details of our negotiations. We ask you to respect their need for confidentiality and continue to ask for your understanding and support.