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The CATCA Contract Committee met with NAV Canada from February 27th to March 3rd in Ottawa for the fourth full week of bargaining.

The majority of debate centered on a few key topics and many hours were spent pouring over proposals and counter-proposals. In addition, your CATCA team started building a comprehensive financial package for presentation to NAV Canada at a later date.

While we are disappointed with the progress made this week, the committee remains confident with the pace of progress overall. Considering the amount of work yet to be completed, additional bargaining dates have been scheduled beyond the April 1st deadline.

We appreciate the membership’s expectation that a deal be reached before our current contract expires, and while that is still the committee’s goal, the reality is that extensive discussion is still required on many issues in order to bring forward a mutually-advantageous collective agreement.

As always, no issue is completely settled until a complete package is ready to present to the membership, and all discussions must remain confidential until that time.

The teams will meet again the week of March 27th in Ottawa.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                              Scott Loder

President                                                                                 Executive Vice President

Click here for the PDF copy of this announcement.