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Bargaining Bulletin #7: Another week of talks conclude in Ottawa

The Union and Company wound up another five days of negotiations today, without yet reaching a settlement.

There are now only a small number of unresolved issues left on the table, but they are major ones. Talks will resume at the earliest possible time to narrow the gap even further and hopefully find a deal.

The collective agreement expires today, but that is no cause for concern. Under federal law, nothing changes after March 31. Everything in the current contract remains in place. Any pay increases in the final deal will be retroactive to April 1, as they have always been. And as a reminder, in the first 20 years of NAV Canada (1996-2016), only two out of seven contracts were settled before the old one expired.

Your Contract Committee’s focus has not changed. We will continue to work intensively, and patiently, to win the best possible improvements for our members. The time it takes will be time well spent – and you will be the judges of the final results.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,


Peter Duffey                                                    Doug Best
President                                                         Executive Vice President


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