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Bargaining Bulletin #1

The CATCA Contract Committee met October 1 to 4 in Ottawa to prepare the groundwork for the upcoming round of collective bargaining. In attendance were:

  • Peter Duffey, President
  • Doug Best, Executive Vice-President
  • All 5 Regional Vice Presidents
  • All 13 elected Contract Committee members
  • Joel Fournier, Unifor Director of Transportation
  • Grant Boland, CATCA Labour Relations Specialist
  • Sumeeta Narula, CATCA Administrative Assistant

The meetings began with an outline to the Committee of their roles:

  • To faithfully reflect and bring forward the views and concerns of the members in each area and facility, as well as of the membership as a whole;
  • To provide the necessary guidance and resources to the negotiators at every stage;
  • To regularly communicate with and update the members; and
  • To deliver the best possible tentative agreement for the members’ approval.

The Committee spent the week reviewing the hundreds of contract proposals received from Branches across the country – filtering, combining, and clarifying the concerns brought forward by the membership. By the end of the week, the Committee started to form the framework of themes to be pursued in this round of bargaining.

The Contract Committee would like to thank all members who took an interest and submitted proposals for improving our collective agreement and the working conditions of Canada’s Air Traffic Controllers. The next meeting is scheduled October 29 to November 2 in Ottawa, where the process of reviewing proposals will continue.

We ask members to respect the confidentiality of the bargaining process. Contract Committee members cannot talk about the specific proposals and what was debated about them.  Members will see the list of themes being pursued when we present our proposals to NAV Canada in mid-December at the commencement of collective bargaining.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,


Peter Duffey                                                                     Doug Best
President                                                                          Executive Vice President


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