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Bargaining Bulletin #1

October 8, 2022

Bargaining Bulletin #1

The CATCA Contract Committee met to prepare for the upcoming round of collective bargaining. In attendance were:

  • Nick von Schoenberg, President
  • Scott Loder, Executive Vice-President
  • All 5 Regional Vice Presidents
  • All 13 elected Contract Committee members
  • Karty Singh, CATCA Legal and Labour Relations Associate
  • Shannon Magee, CATCA Executive Assistant

At the start of the session, the committee was reminded of their duties and responsibilities:

  • To faithfully reflect and represent the views and concerns of their members;
  • To provide guidance and resources to the negotiators at every stage;
  • To regularly communicate with the members; and
  • To deliver the best possible tentative contract agreement for the membership.

The week was spent reviewing the contract proposals sent in by the Branches.  Debate began immediately: proposals were presented, clarified, combined, and then judged on their merits.

The work is scheduled to continue from October 24 to 28 in Ottawa where proposals will be further pared down until the team has a viable, cohesive package to present to NAV Canada at the start of bargaining.

We ask members to respect that collective bargaining is a confidential process and the Bargaining Committee is unable to divulge information about specific proposals.  Once collective bargaining begins in ernest, the membership will be able to see the general themes pursued.

The Contract Committee would like to thank the membership for their proposal submissions and are determined to improve upon the collective agreement for Canada’s Air Traffic Controllers.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,


Nick von Schoenberg                                                                            Scott Loder

President                                                                                                   Executive Vice President

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