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Award of Honour and Award of Merit Nominations

CATCA recognizes members who have made a significant contribution to both the Association and the aviation industry as a whole.

The Award of Honour recognizes members who have displayed exemplary professionalism in recognition of meritorious action taken during a time of duress which enabled the preservation of safety of passengers, aircrew and aircraft. Details about this award and previous recipients here.

The Award of Merit recognizes the personal contribution of members who have displayed an unselfish dedication to the Association. Details about this award and previous recipients here.

Members are invited to submit nominations for these awards to the National Office by Friday, September 29, 2017. Submissions can be sent to National Office via mail or email with the subject line “CATCA Award Nomination.”

Your nomination must include:

  1. complete details outlining the circumstances of the event(s) giving rise to the nomination
  2. a resume of the nominee

For the Award of Honour, supporting transcripts or audio files of the event are greatly appreciated.

Please review Section III, 3.1 CATCA Awards of the Policy Book for detailed Terms of Reference.

From the nominations received, the Executive Board will select the individuals it considers appropriate as award recipients. Only one individual for the Award of Merit will be selected, and only one event for the Award of Honour will be selected (more than one Controller may be involved.)

On behalf of the Executive Board


Peter Duffey                                              Doug Best
President                                                   Executive Vice President


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