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Atlantic, Prairie, and St-Laurent 2012 RVP Elections

The terms of office for each of the Atlantic, Prairie and St. Laurent Regional Vice-President Board of Director positions are set to expire on June 30, 2012.
As outlined in the CATCA/CAW 5454 policy manual (Section III, 7.3), a call for nominations for these positions is to be issued on the 3rd Wednesday of May with the two week voting period to commence on the 3rd Wednesday of June.
However, due to the fact the third Wednesday of June this year is June 20th, voting would not be completed prior to June 30, 2012. To allow sufficient time for the call for nominations, an adequate campaign period for candidates and completion of the voting period, the following schedule will be followed for these elections:
• May 16, 2012 ­ call for nominations (to be received in the National Office not later than 1200 Eastern Daylight Time May 30, 2012)
• June 13, 2012 ­commencement of voting period (to be completed June 27, 2012)
Any concerns about this change should be directed at the Returning officer for this election:

Doug Best Executive Vice President
On behalf of the Elections Committee