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ATCD 2010-4, issued by NAV Canada, contained a reference that stated “This change results from CATCA and NAV CANADA discussions concerning operational proficiency” This implies that there is some sort of agreement with CATCA. That is wrong.

In our Memorandum of Settlement from 2009 a commitment to resolve issues surrounding currency was undertaken. We have been involved with a working group that has been addressing currency in broad terms since mid-June in an effort to satisfy our collective bargaining issue. The working group has made numerous recommendations during the course of their work. None of this work has resulted in any agreement between Nav Canada and CATCA. The change described in ATCD 2010-4 does not meet our needs as contemplated by our Memorandum of Settlement. Furthermore the ATCD does not reflect the working group’s consensus conclusions in our opinion.

We appreciate the opportunity to consult on these types of issues with Nav Canada and we will continue to do so on this and any other issue as long as a benefit to our members is the goal and result. As has been our practice for a number of years, when an agreement has been reached, you should expect to hear from CATCA, either in our normal communications channels or by way of a joint announcement.

In solidarity

Greg Myles


Doug Best

Executive Vice-President