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ANS Technology Reorganization

June 2, 2020

ANS Technology Reorganization

On Tuesday, May 26, CATCA received a briefing on a management re-organization. The following day, a Skype broadcast was delivered to employees in the affected groups. We have received questions following this announcement and provide the membership with the following information.

The groups most affected by these changes are the DSCs and OSR members, with the DSCs no longer reporting to a MATCOR, and OSR management now reporting to ANS Technology rather than Operations.

NAV Canada did not consult with CATCA regarding this re-organization, and they were not required to, they simply informed us of the change. This is a management restructuring which does not affect the working conditions of our members, only the reporting structure of the Company above them. The Company has done this type of restructuring before, and will again in the future.

The amalgamation of the Technical, Engineering and Operations groups has raised some concerns as there has always existed some level of scrutiny regarding the work of each bargaining group. The reorganization does not change the roles of any of the affected groups, and any such transference of work from one bargaining group to another would be met with opposition from your Union. At no time is your job being redefined, you will continue to remain CATCA Members, and your working conditions will remain governed by our collective agreement. CATCA will be vigilant in ensuring all the work our members do, along with our members working conditions, remain protected.

The reporting structure of the new ANS Technology group has Operations reporting to a L1 Manager, with the Technical Operations Managers reporting to a L2 manager. This has not been done to be hierarchical, it was a simple division of workload between the managers to balance workload.

Should you have any concerns regarding a change in your working conditions in the future, ensure your RVP is made aware of circumstances.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Peter Duffey                                                                     Doug Best
President                                                                          Executive Vice President

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